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Friday, February 3, 2012


Human Right is a huge problem that must be addressed before 

Nigeria can move anywhere. It is not about the  buildings and all,
it is about the people...the passion and care for human lives and rights...
that is development
He woke up to curse the corrupt and bad leaders of the country. He spent the couple of hours that follow telling everyone around him how the country needs to embrace anarchy. He was a bus driver. He didn't care what his wife wanted or how his kids fared...the horrible status of the country was all that angered him. As soon as he was done yelling and cursing, he stepped out with a horrible breath and bad armpits. He felt comfortable that way.

His route was Ojuelegba and the passengers were quick to settle in. They all paid 200 naira. He got to Yaba, a stop away from Ojuelegba and everyone alighted except a young lady. The traffic in front was bad enough to face. He leaned back and asked the lady to get off the bus; he wasn’t going any further than he has. The lady demanded a refund, his response was snarl. The lady insisted and an argument ensued. The public, our judge of right or wrong, joined in and what followed was judgement: the lady had to be considerate; the traffic was too much...after all, she could easily get another bus for just 20 naira. When the lady asked the judge for a refund, what followed was an appeal...and a succumb.

He got back into his bus and continued cursing the corrupt leaders and people in the nation.

I dedicate this piece to everyone in Nigeria who still remember what Human Rights means and who would stand for it any time. Lives have been lost and forgotten because human rights have been dumped and Nigerians seem careless about it.

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